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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Mayor McGinn,

Dear Mr. Mayor,
I notice some kind of letter from the city council
accusing you of dragging your feet on hiring more cops.
I wonder whether they are really needed, I walk by Tullys
at Five Corners in the U-District/ U-Village area, and there
are ten cop cars filling up for coffee for up to an hour
at 6 AM.

The other day, there was a hold-up of Keybank in
the U-Village, in no time 25 cop cars show up, cruising all the
side streets, no one ever gets out of a car, if I were a robber
they would never catch me hiding in all that foliage and those spacious
backyards. As a matter of fact, after ten cop cars had cruised
past me outside the Zoka coffee shop on Blakely, five blocks
north of Keybank, which is at about 45th street, I wanted to approach
one cop car that had stopped nearby to find out what all the fuss was about,
 but this bright fellow first thought that I who am getting towards 75, although I look
closer to 65, has no beard or mustache,
might be the 25 year old robber who, allegedly, allegedly, allegedly,
 has a beard and handlebar, is wearing a black blazer and black
pants, is wearing a black cap, just because I too am wearing a black blazer
 and light greysweats and a UW Cap and am that  bankrobber
who walks up to cop cars, and so evidently would find better
employment in a circus as a quick change artist.
 None too bright would bean understatement.
He then apologizes after frisking me by saying "well, a black
blazer" to the other cops who had showed up in no time.
A lot nice but also a lot stupider than, say, the LAPD
or Mayor Daley's gangster, or the vicious NYPD.
But still!

About a decade ago, while doing a book on telemarketing
it came to my attention that all the police unions and benevolent
associations, bar none, jail keeps, you name it, the unions of the civilian
support groups ... that the leadership does fund drives to support
the various union officials. I could get into grittier detail if you
like.  Yours ever so sincerely,

Member Seattle Psychoanalytic Institute and Society
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"Degustibus disputandum est." Theodor Wiesenthal Adorno
"May the foggy dew bediamondize your hoosprings + the fireplug
of filiality reinsure your bunghole! {James  Joyce}
"Sryde Lyde Myde Vorworde Vorhorde Vorborde." [von Alvensleben]
"Siena me fe, disfescimi Maremma." [Dante]
"Ennui [Lange Weile] is the dreambird that hatches the egg of
experience." Walter Benjamin, the essay on Leskov.


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