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Monday, November 2, 2015


I have had just about everything stolen in Seattle, including my identity when someone filched a checkbook out of my computer case at Tully's and got himself, a fake - -evidently - Washington State I.d. with my name & address from the checkbook and used it to clean out my account by going to various electronic stores and supermarkets, and actually getting cash, too, from these stores.
What surprises me in retrospect is that when I got mugged by three young hoody hoodlums in May 2014 at 7 A.M. on the then first fine Spring day at a University Village bus stop that these three creeps took everything I had – cell phone, rucksack with about $ 150 worth of stuff in it, but forgot to divest me off my wallet. Now if I had had the sidearm with me that I carried until I went to Mexico in 1991 there might easily have been three dead hoodlums and a news story. After having another rucksack stolen, at Safeway, while going to the toilet, with another couple of hundred dollars worth of stuff, I had my laptop stolen three weeks ago at the QFC University Village store's Starbuck & the other day I even had my bus transfer ticket stolen.
    I travel with my laptop on a travel-all & a satchel containing some food and toiletries, in this instance I was returning form my 24 Hour Fitness at Northgate and left the travel-all exactly by the bus stop while steping about 15 feet away - the bus tranfer is tucked under one of the bungee cords with which I tie down “me kangaroo”, and what if someone does not slide by and filch the bus pass, which costs $ 2.50! I can see why no end of folks don't leave anything lying about in this city. And the NE part of it in which i have lived ever since I came to Seattle in 1994, but for two weight-gaining years among my Vietnamese friends in the International district, is - but for "The Ave" - not a rough part of a city which I realized, early on, by doing the work that resulted in WRITE SOME NUMB'S BITCH

 has a thick seedy side, doity underbelly.
x m.r

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