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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Essence of Seattle Philistinism, David Brewster in Crosscut!

I suggested that he and his ilk, all those who listen to this bilge, this concentration of tepid trite platitudes commit mass suicide off the  Fremont Bridge! Sacrificing themselves for the sake of the spirit and mind! But he, David Brewster, humorless as only  David Brewster can bem doesn't allow me to comment, cuts it at once, David, you blob of platitudes, of Seattle hypocrisy, false politeness,I will always permit you to leave a any comment you like at my Seattle blog!

David lacks humor, even the dry humor of the "Uftas"...
It is your verbiage, David, that assures that Seattle will remain the same philistine burg it has always been, the white part anyhow. I was talking to some friends about Seattle philistinism, Jack Jolley brought up the name of Mic Dinsmore, who I once got to interview at great length. Mic is of course a man with a great history working his way out of the worst that US capitalism ever wrought, Butte, Montana. His only connection to philistinism, however, is  that he took advantage of the nepotism that rules the city, and the nepotism of the philistines is the heart of the incurable problem here. And you are the heart of the heart, it is linguistic. If you have trite platitudes of your kind circulating in your brain... if you know what I mean, but I am quite certain that you don't. and your inability to take sharp critique proves my point.

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